Summer 2023 makeup products


This year the trend is natural make-up, blush, lip gloss, highlight eyes and natural eyebrows.

Not every woman wants to spend an hour in the bathroom in the morning, so I would like to write about my favorite summer multifunctional products

My favourite foundation number one is Maestro - Armani beauty with SPF 15, it is matting and very light texture. Best is apply it with hands or with puffy brush.

It is not too covering. It is hydratating makeup.

You should shake it before using

Number two is Chanel - les beiges water fresh ting for very light covering makeup. This one is without SPF, it is hydratating and brightening with aplicator

My next tip is neo nude A- blush/ highlight or contour from Armani beauty, it is tint you can do just dots or lines and after blend it. It is multifunctional product, you can use it like a blush / contour or tanning lipstick or eye shadow.

Next one is benefit cosmetics - benetint lip stick and blush, it is liquid and long lasting

My favourite lip stick is lip power satin and matting one from Armani - the shape of the lipstick is just amazing for applying. They have so many colours but my favourite for summer is from matt - 111, 407 and satin 303, 500

Clarins - Lip comfort oil number 04, glossy, hydratating, lip food, getting better texture

Eye shadow palette by Huda beauty light - nude obsession. This combination is for daily make up but also for evening deeper eyes. Shimmer and matt colours in neutral tones looks amazing on every eye.