Summer makeup looks


Very natural makeup, little bronzer for sun kissed effect and blush for healthy look. For daily look I'm using a bit shimmer pinkish eye shadow. It highlights and open eyes. Next i used dark brown tope to upper and lower water line. For the lips i used satin pinkish lip power 500

Still natural but more romantic summer date make up. I love using pink, orange, lila colours. everything looks so soft. I did glam eyeliner with MUD eyeliner. On the lips put gloss, which you can always mix with a bit of eye shadow colour and just tap it on.

Summer evening makeup. Always put a bit more of everything, more visible blush, eyeshadow, tope, contouring and lip stick. But always thing what is too much is too much! If you want colourful extravagant eye shadow you can't have red lipstick! you want be sexy but not cheap!

Next time i will tell you tips how to cover and which products i like